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Future Projects

Gifted (2014)

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Status: Development, seeking finance

Genre: Dramatic thriller

Budget: $2 million

A dramatic thriller in the vein of Edward Scissorhands, Punch-Drunk Love, and The Lookout.

Oliver Fisher, an autistic introvert, has a gift for art but needs help from an eccentric benefactor to reach his potential. His life spins out of control as he becomes the unsuspecting lynchpin of an elaborate hoax.

Freefall (2016)

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Status: Development, seeking finance

Genre: Psychological thriller

Budget: $3 million

A suspenseful psychological thriller in the vein of Black Swan, Shutter Island, and Moon.

Dr. Molly Caine is a world-class neurologist who becomes obsessed with perfecting a memory-implanting technology to free herself from a haunted past. Her life takes a nightmarish turn when she experiments on herself.

Working Title: Being Santa (2018)

Status: Script development

Genre: Fantasy

Budget: TBD

A realistic fantasy in the vein of The Santa Clause, Don Quixote, and Crazy Heart.

To recover from the tragic loss of his wife, Bill Engel begins to think and act like Santa Claus. Through this delusion, he rediscovers magic, love, and hope despite varied reactions to his erratic behavior.

Sunny Side Up (TBD)

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Status: Written 2010-2012, Seeking finance

Genre: Drama

Length: 120 min

Budget: $2 million

A troubled businessman pursues his dream of opening a restaurant.

Hardworking to the point of obsession, Martin has always carried a passionate drive for success. It has cost him relationships in the past, but for now he has a wonderful wife Christine, who understands his dedication. Martin has found success as a mid-level executive, in a job he's good at but doesn't love. When his mother dies he re-evaluates his life. He decides to quit his job and follow his dream – to pursue his love of cooking and open a restaurant, on that same day that Christine announces that they are having a baby.

As obstacles mount and his restaurant fails, Martin's mental struggles become all-consuming; he becomes increasingly erratic and detached from the family. Unable to handle it anymore, Christine leaves him taking five-year-old Ariel with her. Losing all hope for the future, Martin resolves to end his life.

Equal parts heartbreaking and heart warming, Sunny Side Up is a touching drama spiked with unexpected humour and the unmistakable recognition of real lives revealed.